Dairy Lands Farm Mobile classroom doing a presentation with students

A  unique and “moooving” classroom made a special stop at Hominy Valley Elementary. 

The SouthWest - SouthLand Dairy Mobile Classroom made a stop in our area this week. This one of a kind mobile classroom teaches kids the dairy industry by traveling around with a live cow. This visit was paid for by NC State. It provided an opportunity for students to learn about math, science, health, and agriculture. 

“Students got to see first hand how the farmers milk a cow and learn the process of how milk ends up in the grocery store,” said Mary Beth Atherton, Digital Learning Lab teacher. “The cow that came to see us at Hominy Valley was named Maple. For all of us it was a wonderful experience to have a cow at school and give the students this connection.”

It’s not often you hear of a cow coming to school for a day. When the students found out they could not wait to get outside. Some students had never seen a dairy cow up close before. 

“It was so cool to have a cow at the school,” said fourth grader Oakley. “We go to learn about the cow and watch it being milked!”

So now the question on the students’ minds is, “got milk?”