1st Grade

First Grade Curriculum Overview

English/Language Arts - First grade uses a program called Fundations that makes learning to read fun while laying the groundwork for lifelong literacy, through the systematic and explicit instruction of phonemic awareness and phonics. Students will build knowledge of topics such as libraries around the world, animal biology, the power of weather, and timeless classic tales through our Wit and Wisdom Literacy Curriculum.

Writing - Writing is embedded throughout our Wit and Wisdom Curriculum in English/Language Arts. Students learn to write narrative, informative and opinion pieces related to the module themes.

Mathematics - The mathematics curriculum is organized into five strands: (1) number and operations; (2) measurement; (3) geometry; (4) data analysis and probability; and, (5) algebra. Problem-solving strategies are embedded into each of the five strands.

First grade standards include subitizing, adding and subtracting within 20, counting and recognizing numbers to 120, different story problem types, nonstandard measurement, and geometry and basic shapes. Students build on mathematical strategies including counting on, number line, friendly numbers (doubles, making tens, etc), and relationships between addition and subtraction.

Social Studies - First graders build on kindergarten concepts related to other children, families, home, and school.  Students are encouraged to follow and develop skills related to our PBIS expectations, such as being safe, having a positive attitude, being on task, being respectful, and an overall team player, in their home, school and community.

Science - The science curriculum for first grade includes the physical properties of Earth materials, including rocks, minerals, soils and water, features of the day and night sky, force and motion, and exploring ways that people can protect their environment (basic needs of plants and animals).