At Hominy Valley Elementary, students enjoy weekly PE classes with Coach Jones. In the gym, they explore new skills, tackle challenges, and have fun with activities like team sports, individual exercises, and cooperative games.

Throughout the school year, we also have special events to further enhance our PE program. In the fall, we invite parents to join us for a special "Bring Your Parent to PE" week, fostering a sense of community and encouraging family involvement in physical activity. In February, we participate in "Jump Rope for Heart," promoting heart health and raising funds for cardiovascular research through fun jump rope activities. At the end of the year, we cap off our PE program with an exciting "Field Day," filled with games, relays, and outdoor fun for all students.

Physical Education at HVE, under the guidance of Coach Jones, is not only about staying active and healthy but also about building camaraderie, teamwork, and lifelong fitness habits. It's FUN for everyone involved!

1st grade hockey

4th grade PE