Ms. Tucci wins AIG Specialist of the Year Award

Buncombe County Schools has selected our inaugural Academically and Intellectually Gifted (AIG) Specialist of the Year. This award goes to Marcia Tucci, who serves at Black Mountain Primary and Black Mountain Elementary Schools. 

The process involved submitting an essay for consideration. While many teachers in the AIG program were considered, Ms. Tucci was selected due to her “heartfelt, insightful responses about the advanced learners in her schools and gifted programming,” according to AIG Lead Facilitator Stephanie Knox. 

"As educators, we have the potential to be our children’s strongest supporters but must not lose sight that, in order to be our children’s strongest supporters, we have to meet them where they are,” said Ms Tucci in her essay. “All gifted/advanced learners are unique; just as unique as anyone else and they should not be expected to fit a certain perception."

“It’s important to us that all teachers are recognized for their achievements and AIG specialists aren’t excluded,” said Ms. Knox. “I’m very proud of Ms. Tucci and happy to surprise her with this award.” 

As the BCS AIG Specialist of the Year, Mrs.Tucci will now be nominated for the 2022-2023 NC Association for the Gifted and Talented Educator of the Year, a state-wide award. 

“I’m honored to receive this award, since I truly work with so many amazing teachers every day in the AIG department,” said Ms. Tucci. “I really love what I do. My students are truly amazing. I really enjoy getting to know them and their families, and working with them and witnessing their growth through the years. I love working at Black Mountain Primary and Elementary with wonderful colleagues who serve an amazing community of people.“

Advanced learners in Buncombe County Schools will be challenged with academic rigor, empowered by collective advocacy, supported via collaborative systems, and engaged in problem-based critical thinking. To learn more about the AIG program, contact Stephanie Knox at