An icon of two hands supporting a male and female student with a heart in the middle, to represent student wellness and care
BME Family at the Book Fair
Family Book Fair Photo
Mr B pictured with BME award recipients
Bella enjoying the new handicap accessible swing
AIG specialists photographed in front of colorful balloons, with a large cutout of a box of crayons that says "Coloring Outside the Lines"
Listening and Learning
SRO Appreciation
Students using technology to learn about heat transfer.
Locked PC
Students decorating miniature holiday trees for nursing home residents
December Activites
Black Mountain Primary principal Kelly Owen with students of the Owen district.
Map of Car Rider Line
Ms. Clark and students working on a science lab
Open House banner
Ella standing next to her tree she planted at Lake Tomahawk in Black Mountain NC.
boy in backpack
BCS Social Workers Positively Impact Students