Students with teacher

Fourth-graders at Black Mountain Elementary are learning about the ups and downs of running a small business. Students in Ms. Courtney Hall's class created business plans for their dream business. This lesson helped the students learn how money works and ways to pull off a successful entrepreneurial venture.

“It’s important in society for the students to be aware of how money works,” Ms. Hall said. “I challenged the students to create a business that uses or sells a well known resource from North Carolina, for example furniture is big in our state. Maybe the students ‘purchase’ office furniture from a local production company.”

Ms. Hall wants the students to understand that money goes a lot further than we realize. One small purchase in Buncombe County could have an impact on the world wide market.

“All of the resources that North Carolina has to offer impacts the world,” she explained. “The students came up with some very creative business ideas. I told them to have fun with the assignment. Who knows? Maybe one day these kids will go out into the world and open up their own businesses.”

Students created business plans for a breakout room venue, construction company, shoe company, and a jewelry store.

“This is more than just a lesson on economics and North Carolina resources,” Ms. Hall said. “It’s about students dreaming of what they can do when they grow up. One student said she always wanted to be a builder, so her group invented a construction company. The possibilities are endless in this class.”