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School Nutrition

Nutrition matters. We understand the importance of developing a lifetime of healthy eating habits and the role nutrition plays in an effective education. That's why our 45 schools provide an opportunity for optimal learning and good health by providing high quality food, excellent service and proper nutrition at a reasonable cost.

The BCS School Nutrition Department is proud to prepare and serve healthy meals that meet the nutritional needs of our students and staff. We continue to remain flexible in response to the challenges presented by this pandemic. We are hearing more and more about the supply chain issues nationwide and want to share with you that we are being affected by these issues. Food substitutions are occurring in higher numbers than ever before. The products we are receiving follow USDA and NCDPI requirements, but they may not be what we planned for our menus. We have a very strong relationship with our vendors and empathize with the supply chain obstacles they must overcome to get food to us.

Thank you, in advance, for partnering with us as we weather this storm. We will follow our pre-planned menus to the best of our ability, but keep in mind that menus are subject to change based on product and supply availability. School menus may also vary based on truck delivery schedules.

Again, we thank you for your patience as we navigate these uncharted waters. As always, keeping the health and wellbeing of our students is our number one priority.

– Lisa C. Payne, School Nutrition Director

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.