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Please note that in an effort to reduce paper use county-wide, much of the correspondence between home and school will be posted on the school website or sent via email.  Please be sure that I have your email address as I will use this as a primary source of parent/teacher communication.   Thank you!




Agenda Books / Student Planners:




          The agenda book is where most communication between school and home will be kept and recorded.  Important information or special announcements from school will be placed in the plastic sleeve located at the back of the agenda book.  We will use the calendar pages as a way to inform you of any special events happening at school or in the classroom (i.e., PTA meetings, parties, fundraisers, festivals, field trips).  Students will fill this out on the first day of each month.  Menus, picture information, school memos, etc…will also be delivered home via the agenda book.  If an item coming home is too large to fit in the plastic sleeve, it will be tucked inside the front cover of the agenda book or placed in the child’s book bag, so please be sure to check their bookbags nightly.

          Extra activities printed in the agenda book can be completed at your discretion.  They are not a requirement.




          Students will use their agenda book as their homework log.  All homework should be completed and returned in their agenda book unless otherwise indicated.  Homework will be in the plastic sleeve at the back.  

          Students are expected to read for 20 minutes nightly in addition to any other homework assignments (occasionally).  Students should record the title of their book on the lines provided (left side/even # pages).  Parents should sign or initial the reading log in the yellow boxes provided (right side/odd # pages).  Parent initials indicate that their child has completed reading and homework for the night.  Students may choose to read books from home, library books, or check out books from our classroom to fulfill this requirement.  Please allow your child opportunities to read orally, silently, independently, and with an adult.  Important skills are developed through each of these strategies.

          Please keep in mind: when homework is sent home it be attempted by the child independently first.  Homework assignments will be “extra” practice and will not require skills that have not been covered in class prior to the assignment.  Homework is not intended to be a stressful or frustrating time for your child, or you.  If you notice your child struggling with any concepts, please let me know so that we may further help your child in the classroom.  We ask that your child attempt all assignments, it is more important that they have given it their best, than to have a perfect paper.  Once they have attempted assignments on their own, please go over it with them.  This is a great way to stay informed and involved in their education.  It can provide great family time as well.  You may want to have them play “teacher” during this time and explain concepts and answers to you.  Teaching can be a great way to learn!

          Every other Wednesday we will be sending home your child’s work from the previous weeks.  These items will be in your child's 'Graded Work Folder'.  Please look through the work with your child.  Sign and date where indicated inside the folder indicating that you have received and reviewed its contents.  Then send the empty folder back to school on Thursday.  It is important that your child return the folder, so that their papers can be sent back home in two weeks.
     We use a research- based, comprehensive, phonics program called Fundations.  Throughout the week, teachers will work with students in-class to build their spelling skills through doing a variety of phonemic lessons.  It is a great idea to ask your child about the phonemic pattern they are working on at school...  See if they can locate words with the pattern in their nightly reading!  Remember, better spelling reinforces better reading and writing. 
“Extra” treats are available in the cafeteria during lunchtime.  We ask that your child be responsible for their extra money.  It will be the child’s responsibility to keep track of their money and purchase their own “extras”.  It is a good idea to discuss with your child the amount and type of “extras” they are permitted to buy, and the importance of eating a healthy lunch.  Please feel free to join us for lunch at any time, we would love to have you.  Our lunch will be from 10:20-10:50 each day.  Please keep your child’s lunch account in good standing.  If you would like for your child to have breakfast at school in the morning, please allow ample time for them to eat and arrive in the classroom by 7:30, or they will be counted as tardy.  Students have morning work they are responsible for completing, and may have difficulty doing so if arriving late each day. 
Please see the 'School Menus' link on our homepage for monthly menus.



          If for any reason there is a change in your child’s transportation home (bus, car, or afterschool) please send a detailed note expressing your wishes.  It is no problem to make the change, whether it be for a day, a week, or indefinitely, but we must have written consent.  Please do not call the school.  This way we can be sure your child gets home in the appropriate manner.

  book order

Book Orders:

          Scholastic Book Orders will be sent home each month.  If you would like to order any books please fill out the appropriate order form.  Please return your order form and check in an envelope with your child’s name on the front, by the given date.  WE CAN ONLY ACCEPT CHECKS MADE PAYABLE TO SCHOLASTIC BOOKS.  NO CASH WILL BE ACCEPTED!  Books usually arrive within 2-3 weeks and will be sent home with your child that same day.


Scholastic News:

          Just a reminder…our class will be subscribing to Scholastic News Magazine and Science Spin.  This are weekly educational magazines especially for Second Graders.  We will use these throughout the year.  Please send $10.00 for your child’s subscription.  If you would like to sponsor another child, that would be great, just let us know your intentions.



          We will be contacting those of you that expressed interest in volunteering in our classroom this year.  We like to begin scheduling volunteers in September, so be looking for more information as that time approaches.  There will be many opportunities for all parents to participate throughout the year.  Thank you in advance for your support, we look forward to having you!



          I know we are going to have a fantastic year!  Second grade is an exciting time.  I’m eager to watch your student learn, grow, and enjoy successful school endeavors.  We hope to instill a love for learning in each of our students and help them to reach their greatest potential!