Education Links

Lexia Core 5

Hominy Valley Elementary School has purchased this reading program for all students. Each student has a username and password. On this website, students learn and practice of a variety of literacy skills. Students' performance is recorded and their teachers use this information to plan lessons and activities to meet students' specific needs.

raz kids reading website

This website allows students to read fiction and nonfiction books at their reading level.  

Discovery Education

This website has educational videos on a variety of topics. It also has games and step by step math help. Every student has a username and password for this website.

Buncombe County Schools Math Curriculum

This is the Buncombe County Schools math homepage. It provides information about mathematics students are learning in their classrooms for each grade level. It also has math games.

khan academy-Videos of math strategies

This web site has math practice activities and videos of math strategies.

This web site uses pictures and stories to help students learn and remember the times tables.

Sum Dog-math website

Sumdog uses educational games to practice math, reading and writing.

spell city

This site has spelling and vocabulary games to help students build their word knowledge.

Star Fall-reading website

This web site has games and activities to help children learn to read.

Pronunciator-English language practice

This is a language learning web site provided by Asheville Buncombe Library system.