Pence, Erica (Music)

All Hominy Valley Elementary students receive general music class once a week. Students explore musical concepts, composers, melody, rhythm, and so much more! We love to use the Smart-board to create and play music. We also have talented performers who come and show off their talent for us every year during assemblies. 

Mrs. Pence's Virtual Office Hours: 9:00 -1:00
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Lessons will be communicated through classroom teachers.

Hi There, My name is Erica Pence. I am the music teacher at Hominy Valley and Woodfin Elementary. I received my undergraduate degree in Vocal Performance from UNCA. I also have a Master's in Music Education from Liberty University. In my classroom, students enjoy learning to sing, as well as play many different musical instruments. My music curriculum is purposeful, sequential, and joyful. This allows students to learn in a fun and productive environment. I teach musical fluency with the sound before sight philosophy and embrace the creativity of every student.