Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol
Liz Eads Parker

Safety Patrol at Hominy Valley 

1st Semester Safety Patrol

 2nd Semester Safety Patrol

Have you seen students in yellow belts hard at work around Hominy Valley?  They are members of the HVE Safety Patrol.  It is an opportunity offered to 3rd and 4th graders. 

The Safety Patrol helps our school in several ways each morning. They help our car riders by opening car doors, maintain order in the hallways, run the school's recycling program, and help smaller children with breakfast in the cafeteria.  Being a member of the Safety Patrol is a privilege.  Safety Patrol members are nominated by their classroom teacher, and must be responsible, trustworthy, and in good academic standing.  We change Safety Patrol staff twice a year so that many students have an opportunity to participate. In order to be considered for Safety Patrol, a child must be able to be on duty from 7:10 to 7:30 every morning. 

Safety Patrol supports the values of good citizenship and responsibility that we teach each day through our Hominy Valley SPORT promise. We are proud of our Safety Patrol and the example they set for all our students!