PBIS - Being a good SPORT at Hominy Valley

Being a good SPORT at Hominy Valley

This year at HVE we are implementing a PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions  & Support) program to increase positive behavior throughout our school. Here are the basic things you need to know about our program.

·         Students remember the expectations for their behavior with the acronym SPORT – we try to be Safe, Positive, On Task, Respectful, Team Players at all times.

·         Posters and banners around the school remind students of what it looks like to follow the SPORT expectations in that setting. For example, to be Safe in the hallway, students need to walk on the right side of the hall with hands and feet to self. To be Safe on the playground, students must use playground equipment properly and stay in assigned areas.

·         Teachers who see that students are meeting these behavioral expectations will reinforce those behaviors by paying students compliments in front of the class. You might hear the teacher say “Thanks, Joseph, for walking quietly so others can learn!” This will make that student more likely to repeat the positive behavior, and it is also a teachable moment for other students.

·         Teachers and staff will also reinforce behavioral expectations by giving SPORT tickets to students. Each day the classroom teacher records the number of SPORT tickets received by each student on a poster in the classroom. As students accumulate more SPORT tickets, they can earn rewards!

·         Students who have been especially successful in modeling our SPORT expectations throughout the building will also be recognized in front of students and parents at our 9-week celebrations.  

Help us to celebrate the positive behavior that our students demonstrate every day by making a big deal of the SPORT tickets that your child brings home! When our students are exhibiting positive behavior, we have more time for instruction, and a more welcoming environment in our school!

Matrix of PBIS expectations  
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