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Clay people
All classes will focus on different art media giving students a broad range of experience such as clay, painting, drawing, collage, weaving, stitching, printmaking and paper mache to name a few.  Students are encouraged to be problem-solvers and find different unique solutions for their projects. All lessons are in line with the Essential Standards for Visual Art K-4.  Other subjects are integrated as much as possible to help children make connections between different disciplines.  First through forth graders make sketchbooks which we use throughout the year.
Using our sketchbooks to plan
Self portraits
Art Opportunities
Asheville has many resources for the art lover.  Many parents have expressed an interest in private art lessons and camps for their child.  A few places to check out are:
-Asheville Art Museum- Summer Art Camp (also fun to visit the museum on your own!)
-Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts- Clay workshops for kids
-Roots and Wings School of Art and Design - Summer Art Camps