Oehm, Christy (Art)

Welcome to Art Class! 
Christy Oehm

Hi! My name is Christy Oehm, and I am the art teacher at Hominy Valley Elementary and Pisgah Elementary.  I have been teaching visual art since 2005.  In art class you will find us...
-painting and drawing
- learning about famous artists
-creating sculpture out of clay and recycled materials
- using our sketchbooks
- printing an edition of prints
- stitching
- weaving
- exploring a variety of art media
-learning about art from different cultures
-observing the world around us
- using our IMAGINATION!
I love my job!  Teaching art is incredibly fun.  I learn so much from my young artists every day.  Children have amazing imaginations and their ideas are endless.  My day is spent helping my students see how art can be a part of their lives.  We learn techniques, art history, the potential of art media, and make connections to other subjects.  We also have fun!