Popcorn Words Practice

 Popcorn Words

Popcorn words are words that "pop" up everywhere.  It is so important that these words are reviewed daily to improve both reading and writing.  Although what I am sending home in the baggies are flashcards, there are so many other things you can do with these words. 

*Spread shaving cream or salt onto a baking sheet 
and practice writing the words.
*Type the words, cut them apart, and have 
your child put them together.
*Play hangman.
*Come up with sentences.
*Look in a newspaper or magazine and see how many times 
you can find a specific word.
*Using your finger, "write" a word on your child's back...can they guess your word?  Take turns and let your child do the "writing".
*Make the words out of Play-doh or pipe cleaners.
*Rainbow write the words. Take a crayon and write the word, then take another color and write over the word again.  Repeat this with no more then 5 different colors.
*Use magnetic letters.