Nightly Reading

The purposes of nightly reading are as follows:
* Provide enjoyable experiences with books
* Time together with family members
* Teaches responsibility for doing homework and keeping track of notebook
* More reading opportunities lead to better readers

Reading time should not be a bother, struggle, nor becoming frustrating. To promote
lifelong readers, we want reading to be a pleasurable habit, especially for beginning

The following are some suggestions for supporting your child as a beginning reader:

* Echo read – you read a page and your child reads the page after you
* Encourage your child to use the pictures to help “read” the story
* Use the pictures and beginning letter sounds to help decode unfamiliar words
* You read a page and your child reads the next page
* You read the book to your child
* Choral read the book together pointing to/tracking words with your finger
* Let your child try to read the entire book to you

It is normal for beginning readers to “read” the pictures or memorize simple,
predictable text. This is the first stage of reading. Please praise your child for
“reading”, even if he/she is just reading the pictures at this stage. Your enthusiasm
will be contagious, encouraging, and promote a love of reading!

Here are some questions you can ask your child to promote
comprehension/understanding of the story (Note: Not all questions apply to all books):

* Who are the characters in the story? Describe them.
* What is the setting of the story? Where does the story take place?
* What happened in the beginning of the story?
* What happened in the middle of the story?
* What happened in the end of the story?
* Were the characters sad? Scared? Happy? Angry? Surprised?
* Does the book relate to anything in your life? Does it remind you of something
you’ve done or something that’s happened to you before?
* What was the author’s purpose for writing the story? Was it to entertain you?
Explain? Persuade? Inform? Or to express feelings?
* What type of book was it? Was it make-believe (fiction)? True/real-life (nonfiction)?
You may want to keep these suggestions in your child’s Take-Home Reading folder for
quick reference. I hope you find these suggestions helpful! Happy Reading!