Education Links

Tool for sharing student work, pictures, and to get a quick glimpse of student understanding
This app requires your child's individual QR code

Tool for teaching research skills to K-3 Students
site username: hominy
site password: read
Little Bird Tales
Little Bird Tales is a storytelling and e-learning tool that can be implemented in hundreds of ways and is great for kids of all ages!
Switch Zoo
Students have fun changing the body parts of different animals while learning important facts about the animals including the habitats for each. Students can also practice writing skills.
Starfall: I'm Reading Fiction and Nonfiction!
Math Story/Problem Types for Practice
A great sampling of Story Problems that first graders need to work on solving independently
Mo Willems Website
Author of Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus and other fun stories!
Building Number Sense/Tens Frames Activities
Spelling City
Great Vocabulary Site
First Grade Math Practice
Discovery Education
Username and Password coming soon....
Brain Pop
Password ~ brainpop
Username ~ hominyvalley
Jan Brett's Website (Famous Children's Book Author)
Great website for first graders!