Classroom Management

Mrs. Keith’s Discipline Plan 

The rules for our classroom are: 
Follow directions the first time given. 
Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself. 
Talk softly and walk silently. 
Respect others and use good manners. 
Always do your best! 

*Students are expected to act in a manner that will not hinder their learning or the learning of others.  Students are rewarded for making good choices and receive consequences for poor choices. 

Behavior Chart: 
All students will start on the green bee hive every morning. Students can move their clips up and down the chart all day.  It is where they land at the end of the day that gets recorded.  Behavior grades will be sent home daily in their Agenda Book.  Parents will need to initial the Agenda Book in the space provided after checking child’s completed work and seeing their behavior grade. I believe that this is a way for you to see your child get recognized for good behavior.  Also, this helps the students to focus on the positives. 

Green:     Good 
Yellow:    Warning 
Red:        STOP 

If your child makes stays on "green" all week, their name will go into a drawing at the end of the week to be chosen as the “Star Student of the Week”. 
Our school has created a behavior expectation matrix that should govern all areas of the school. The language on the matrix is important. By using the language on the matrix, students will hear consistent vocabulary from all adults in the school setting. This consistency will allow students to be familiar with and understand the expectations for their behavior in all settings of the school, no matter which adult is monitoring behavior. Creating an environment where all adults are using the same, common language will make expectations clear to students. Our behavioral expectations are that students will be a good SPORT!
On Task
Team Player