Schoolwide Behavior Expectations


Our behavioral expectations are that students will be good S.P.O.R.T.s

  • Safe
  • Positive
  • On Task
  • Respectful
  • Team Player
We have spent multiple lessons discussing what those expectations look and sound like.  Posters are also posted around the school as a reminder and reference. Students will receive SPORT tickets throughout the building as they exhibit appropriate behavior.   A record will be kept of those that receive SPORT tickets.
 Additional privileges may be rewarded for tickets earned.   
If for any reason a student is not adhering to the SPORT code of conduct, you will be notified through their agenda and/or a phone call.

A  SPORT is what we want to be.
Being  SAFE is best for you and me.
A   POSITIVE attitude is our way,
Staying  ON TASK as we work and play.
Showing  RESPECT keeps us standing tall.
TEAM PLAYER  help to do it all!