Problem Solvers

Problem Solvers Program

The Buncombe County nurturing program is available for students in first and second grade who demonstrate a need for enrichment beyond the regular classroom setting. Young children may demonstrate their unusual intellectual skills in a wide variety of ways, with respect to interests, skill level in particular areas, and social development. Since unique patterns of development can be observed in young children, the program is fluid and responsive to their unique needs. Our primary task is to make appropriately advanced content available, through the use of higher order thinking skills, manipulative math materials, as well as inquiry through dialogue and language experiences activities. The learning environment should also offer the opportunity to discover true peers at an early age. The nurturing program is called "Problem Solvers" as a way to distinguish it from the formal AIG Program.

Important Information about Problem Solvers:

-First and Second grade students are recommended by their teachers  to receive enrichment through Problem Solvers.
-As the AIG Specialist, I will work with students on a variety of challenge activities in math, language arts, and logic. 
-Your child may not necessarily participate each week. 
-Students must be recommended each year, so participation in a previous grade does not guarantee participation the next year.

-Problem Solvers ends with second grade and is NOT formal identification for the Academically/Intellectually Gifted (AIG) program.  
-Formal AIG identification normally begins in third grade for those students who show a definite or extreme need for curriculum differentiation.

Please email me or call me at HVE if you have any questions about this service. I look forward to teaching your child this year.