News & Notes


Graded Work Folders:
Please remember to look through your child's work papers in the Graded Work Folder which comes home on Fridays. Take out the papers and sign the Graded Work Folder. Return the EMPTY Graded Work Folder to school on Monday. If you have questions about an assignment/grade, please keep that paper so that we can look over it together. Occasionally there will be papers with no grades on them. This is work that we have completed together in class and therefore no grade is taken. Reviewing the graded work is a valuable way for you to know how your child is doing. Report Card grades should never be a surprise since all the work comes home weekly in the Graded Work Folder.
Reading Homework
     Your child will bring home a Reading Homework Folder, which has weekly reading activities, divided into 4 days in each week.  Students should come to school prepared to check/discuss each day's worth of review work. These will be checked on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  On Friday we will have a short language quiz, based on the week's worth of homework.
     In addition to the short reading activities mentioned above, students will bring home one reading article with questions to answer.  Students will have a week to complete this.  Each article is due on Friday.  
     As always, students should read 20 minutes a night and record their nightly reading in the HVES Agenda Book. Please use the article as one of the readings to record for nightly reading.
Thank you for your support! :)