Education Links

Interactive problems

Use this interactive site from to work problems right on the computer.  Great to use for extra practice without having to print all those pages!  Username thrive  Password: x

Interactive Web EOG Sample Test Questions

Use this interactive site to work on math sample items for the EOG test for 3rd grade.

North Carolina End of Grade Test of Reading Comprehension

Learn more about the End of Grade Test in Reading Comprehension for 3rd grade students

North Carolina End Of Grade Mathematics Test

Learn more about the EOG Math test for 3rd grade

Just Kids Game Making Change

A fun site where students use a cash register and work with money on making change

NC Wise Owl

Online reference database with educational links

Sheppard Softward

Educational games and activities for kids of all ages

I Know That!

Games that cover all areas of study.

Many different multiplication games to help students learn those facts!

Learn NC

Information for 3rd graders based on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, as well as a guide to help with research and an online reference desk.

Math Stories

This a wonderful site for families wanting extra help with math problems.  A detailed list of various mathematical themes is presented for your choice of use.  HVE purchased a membership to this site for the families of HVE.
Username thrive
Password: x

Mr. Nussbaum: Fun games for learning!

This is a great site for helping children learn with FREE games - much to do here!

Area and Perimeter Fun!

Enjoy this fun site to practice finding the area and perimeter of rectilinear shapes! 

Brain Pop

Brainpop is a website with short videos on virtually any topic under the sun!  Its sister site is Brainpop, Jr. 
Username:  hominyvalley
Password:  brainpop

Spelling City

Enjoy this site to practice working with your spelling words.  You can play the free games.