Class Expectations


I use what is called Love and Logic classroom management.  The rules are simple and the consequences are given based on the child’s personality and the circumstances of the behavior. (Feel free to ask me more about this at our scheduled Parent/Teacher conference if you have further questions or concerns.)

Feel Free to do anything that does not cause a problem for anyone else. 

I teach when there are no distractions or other problems  

I listen to students who raise their hand.

 I listen to one person at a time.
Please treat me with the same respect I treat you.

If someone causes a problem, I will do something.  

What I do will depend on what happened, and what the person is willing to do to solve the problem.


If a student disagrees with an action I have taken or thinks something is unfair, he or she may “schedule” a time (during recess) to “argue” their point.  I will listen to the students’ point of view before making a decision as to whether the consequences may be unfair BUT I will not allow class time to be taken to do so.   Ex. A student receives a consequence for an action and feels like I did not know the whole story before assigning a consequence. During recess they may tell me the “rest of the story.” If I feel that I have made a mistake, I will take actions to correct the situation.




1) Verbal Warning or hand on shoulder to redirect or give student a chance to stop disruptive behavior.

2) If the behavior continues, I will quietly ask the student to correct the problem on their own so that I do not have to take actions to stop the disruptive behavior. If a verbal or nonverbal warning has been given already, then the student will put up a 1st written Warning on the board.

3) If the student behavior continues even after the first 2 reminders to stop the behavior, a 2nd written Warning will be put on the board and the student will be removed from the group. They will sit alone and fill out a THINK SHEET, which will be brought home to be signed and returned.

***Please note that if your child has to bring home a Think Sheet, I will also have to document this behavior on a county wide online reporting system, which tracks student behaviors. This is part of our county wide PBIS program.

4) Once 2 Written Warnings have been given and a THINK SHEET has been filled out, if disruptive behavior continued, then the student would be referred to the office, a Parent Contact will be made as well as an online documentation of behavior.



Students will also be participating in a DOJO program, in which students can earn or lose DOJO points. DOJO points are given for many things such as: being present and on time, having homework completed, exhibiting positive behaviors which correspond with THE 7 HABITS and with our school wide SPORT expectations, working well in partners or teams etc.


  Each Warning would be a DOJO point taken away. More information will be sent home about DOJO and how you can sign up to see your child’s daily DOJO points.


SPORT TICKETS will be given for the same things DOJO points are given.  I do NOT take away SPORT tickets.


Each week I will choose 1 student whose picture I will put outside our room and give a SHOUT OUT to them for their awesome behavior.  I will use the number of SPORTS TICKETS and DOJO points to help make this decision.



I will send home more information about more specific rewards for DOJO points and SPORTS tickets.


Please read, discuss with your child and sign to indicate you and your child understand the rules, consequences and rewards.  Please return to school. If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call.