I know that no one loves homework, but it is an important part of your school day. It gives you the chance to practice what we've been doing in class all on your own. With that being said, COVID 19 has adjusted our homework schedule for the first five weeks. Therefore, please review SEESAW as your daily assignments will be posted there. In addition, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at april.adair@bcsemail.org or through Class Dojo. 

Once school resumes in normal session, here are the homework expectations for a typical school day. You can expect to have homework each and every school night Mondays through Thursdays. I will check your reading log everyday as well as any journal entries. We will go over any practice sheets in class. 
Parents, you can help with homework by conferencing with your child about their reading. I will be sending conference questions home in your child's homework folder. In addition, please check the quality of your child's work. By that I mean, did your child use his or her best hand writing, spelling, and grammar? I also encourage you to practice the word wall and individual spelling words for that week as well as basic math facts. We will begin the year by mastering the basic addition facts. Please don't "do" your child's homework for them. If there is something your child really struggles with please send me a note so that I can help them in class.
What to expect:
To begin the year, I will send home a list of weekly assignments at the beginning of the week. The last nine weeks of the year, I will teach students to copy their homework assignments down themselves. This will help prepare them for third grade.
Your homework will probably take you around 30 minutes each night. 
Nightly Homework:
Read for 20 minutes and fill in your reading log. Have a conference with an adult.
Practice math facts and spelling words.
A math sheet or journal entry.