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What is ReadyRosie?

ReadyRosie is an online resource that emails daily activities to adults to do with their children ages birth-3rd grade. Each activity is modeled with a two-minute video. The activities are simple, take about two minutes, and help prepare children for success in school. This early education tool helps families, schools, and communities across the nation deepen and scale their family engagement efforts. These tools leverage the power of video modeling, family workshops, professional development opportunities, and mobile technology to build powerful partnerships between families and educators, resulting in Ready FamiliesReady EducatorsReady Children.

How Does ReadyRosie Work?

Simply watch a video, do the activity modeled in the video with your child, and everyone learns something new! The activities can be done at home, in the car, at the grocery store, restaurants, or wherever real life happens. The videos come right to your mobile device, tablet, or computer.

How Do I Sign Up for ReadyRosie?

Download ReadyRosie for your Android device Download ReadyRosie from the App Store Any parent with children under birth-3rd grade can register for ReadyRosie. Just go to and enter your zip code or download ReadyRosie on your mobile phone or tablet at right.

I Have Registered for ReadyRosie. What's Next?

Once registered, parents will begin receiving weekly emails and/or text messages with videos and activities. The free subscription also allows parents to download the ReadyRosie mobile app for their iPhone or Android device. Parents have access to the entire ReadyRosie video library, including ReadyRosie Baby.

Teachers are also sharing the videos with their students to support their instruction in the Wit & Wisdom modules for K-3rd grade. Be on the lookout for some fun activities to complete with your child.