Mission and Belief Statements

Hominy Valley’s Mission Statement


Hominy Valley Elementary’s mission is to provide students a safe environment that fosters acceptance and risk-taking while embracing cultural diversities. Instruction will be engaging and challenging, incorporating appropriate technology, while accommodating each learning style in a manner that helps each child achieve personal success in preparation for school and life endeavors. Encouragement of community and parental involvement will be a driving force behind high student attendance and students’ motivation for learning.


Hominy Valley’s Belief Statement


*Students learn best when they are actively involved in the process

*Students learn best when they feel safe, respected, and appreciated for who they are.

*Teachers must hold high expectations for all students.

*Students benefit from strong ties between home, school, and community.

*Teachers must model good character traits.

*Parents and community volunteers must be welcomed and appropriately trained to best meet the needs of the students.
*Students must be taught to honor ethnic, social, economic, academic, and physical diversity.