Teacher of the Year Program

The annual Teacher of the Year tradition within Buncombe County Schools recognizes teachers of exceptional skill and commitment and is an opportunity for teachers to recognize peers who exemplify the profession and its values.

“I couldn’t be more proud of our teachers of the year,” said Superintendent Dr. Tony Baldwin. “Their recognition is well-deserved and their successes are evident everyday in our classrooms.”

BCS is unique in that teachers lead the process from start to finish, both at the school level, and in selecting district and county-wide teachers of the year. Each school’s chosen educator will submit essays to a teacher-led committee that conducts interviews and classroom visits over several months to choose seven district finalists. (The program expanded from six finalists to seven in 2018.) The county-wide BCS Teacher of the Year is announced at an awards banquet each fall.

Buncombe County Schools Teachers of the Year

  • 2022, William Honey, W.D. Williams Elementary

  • 2021, Jason Rhodes, Buncombe County Middle College

  • 2020, DeLana Parker, Charles T. Koontz Intermediate

  • 2019, Joseph Halpin, Pisgah Elementary

  • 2018, Elizabeth Love, A.C. Reynolds High

  • 2017, Catherine Belair, Valley Springs Middle

  • 2016, Brian Gonzales, Clyde A. Erwin High

  • 2015, Nicole Phelps, Charles D. Owen Middle

  • 2014, Terry Quick, Black Mountain Primary

  • 2013, Dawn Rookey, Charles D. Owen High

  • 2012, Christine Brown, North Buncombe Middle

  • 2011, Eric Grant, Buncombe County Early College

  • 2010, Meredith Stanley, Haw Creek Elementary

  • 2009, Robyn Pass, Clyde A. Erwin Middle

  • 2008, Bill Feste, Charles D. Owen Middle

  • 2007, Robin Smathers. Weaverville Primary

  • 2006, Kevin Baxter, Fairview Elementary

  • 2005, Kim Ferguson, Johnston Elementary

  • 2004, Jackie Mangum, Avery’s Creek Elementary

  • 2003, Gin Hodge, Glen Arden Elementary

  • 2002, Penny Weaver, Enka High

  • 2001, Paul Grass, Valley Springs Middle

  • 2000, Art Snead, A.C. Reynolds High

  • 1999, Jack McMahan, Charles D. Owen Middle

  • 1998, Sandy Ponder, North Buncombe High

  • 1997, David Voyles, Clyde A. Erwin High

  • 1996, Donna Pate, Charles D. Owen High

  • 1995, Myra Goodwin, Estes Progressive Education Program

  • 1994, Marta Johnson (Garcia), Haw Creek Elementary

  • 1993, Michael O’Byrne, Pisgah Elementary

  • 1992, Lynne Edwards, Glen Arden Elementary

  • 1991, David Voyles, Clyde A. Erwin High

  • 1990, Sheila Carter, Clyde A. Erwin High

  • 1989, Michael Everhart, T.C. Roberson High

  • 1988, Nancy McKellar, A.C. Reynolds High

  • 1987, Carolyn Smith, Glen Arden Elementary

  • 1986, Sallie McDuffie, Charles D. Owen High