My Plan: Career, College, and Community Ready

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Planning Ahead

Dreams can never be too big. Here at Buncombe County Schools, we want to provide a space with answers and resources for you to learn how your student is being prepared to be College and Career Ready. Whatever your dreams are for your child, we are here to help you as you support them. Our focus is on educating the whole child.

We recognize that our parents are caring adults who are invested in their student’s education, and we value our partnerships with our students' families. Guiding your child along their educational path and making big next-step decisions can be overwhelming. We share your desire for your child to be ready with the necessary skills for that next step in life.

Buncombe County Schools prepares students to take that next step whether it's on a job site, in a career-training program, enrolled at a local community college or a larger university setting. We are committed to developing college- and career-ready graduates who are prepared for employment, enrollment or enlistment in an ever-changing global society.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?
As much as our school counselors would like to sit down one on one with every parent, not every parent is able to make an appointment time to come in. Naviance is an online platform provided to all students in grades 8-12 as part of its district-wide commitment to developing college- and career-ready graduates by ensuring equitable access, closing opportunity gaps, and reaching educational equity in their community. Naviance is an award-winning College, Career and Learning Readiness platform that offers tremendous access to important college and career preparation materials. Logging in through their Clever accounts, students all have equal access to the tools they may use to find out more about themselves and about the vast opportunities that are available to them after graduation. With so many opportunities for college and career exploration Naviance is the most comprehensive tool that brings it all together, allowing teachers, counselors, parents, and students to work together towards making a student's dream come true. 

Are there tools somewhere just for parents?
College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC) has some wonderful tools for parents, and students, to utilize from home, school, or work that can help families and students learn how to PlanApply, and Pay for college. 

The CollegeBoard for Parents & Guardians website has wonderful tools designed to help parents and guardians support their students. There are Parent Action Plans by grade level, College Planning Tips, and a section on how to start planning your finances for college.

There is a lot of information out there and it sometimes gets confusing. Are there any simple, step-by-step lists to follow? 
CFNC, CollegeBoard Big Future, and ACT all have wonderful parent pages filled with step-by-step guidelines and suggestions to help you navigate the world of college and career exploration and college and scholarship applications. 

Who do I contact at my child's school for more information?
To get to the school counseling or student services webpage at your child's school you can use the For More Information tab to the left or click here.