Address/Phone Number Change

If you're looking to update your address or phone number in HR, Payroll, Apptegy (our mass communications system), Red Rover, and the State Health Plan, or change your employee notification preferences, you've found the right place.

Change Your Address/Phone Number
All platforms will automatically be updated when you fill out one online form through our LINQ website.

  1. Login to Time Keeper

  2. On the left side under Actions click Requests

  3. Select Address & Phone Change from the dropdown menu.

  4. Fill in your details - see example below.

Update personal information example

  1. Please note: enter 000-000-0000 if you would like a phone (home or mobile) number deleted in our system.

  2. Click the Send Request button.

That's it! Your address and/or phone number(s) will be registered in our databases in approximately one week or less.