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Hominy Valley Elementary School is a kindergarten through fourth grade school in the Enka district of Buncombe County Schools. Hominy Valley has approximately 404 students and is a school-wide Title I school. Excellent student performance is a continual reason for pride in the Hominy Valley community. Students from Hominy Valley go on to attend Enka Intermediate, Enka Middle School, and eventually Enka High School. Our dedicated staff seeks to grow students who are respectful, responsible citizens, as well as life-long learners who can adapt to the ever-changing world of the 21st Century.

At Hominy Valley Elementary, we believe that a child's education is enhanced by a partnership between home, school, and community; by instruction focused on individual needs; and by a respect for personal strengths, talents, and cultural diversity. Through teamwork and high expectations, we provide an environment in which learning becomes a lifelong pursuit for students and staff.

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